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Kubo Homes, LLC is a residential redevelopment company based out of Westland, MI. We are here to help homeowners in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties out of any kind of distressed situation. All of our team members grew up in the Metro Detroit area. We know the neighborhoods very well and are willing to pay a fair price for your home. There are no fees, up front costs, commissions, or anything else. Just the simple honest truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

Kubo Homes, LLC is part of a nationwide group of residential redevelopers who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year. Give us a call today to let us know what YOU need help with!
Zak DeHondt
Zak was born and raised in Metro Detroit. After graduating from the College from Creative Studies in Detroit with a degree in Advertising Design, he moved on to work as a Creative Director for clients such as the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and the Michigan Lottery. Needless to say he is an avid sports fan who lives and breathes Detroit.

As the head of marketing, Zak's creative background allows him to utilize and invent unique strategies in order to find off-market properties that nobody else has access to. He manages and analyzes multiple campaigns to make sure that Kubo Homes has a healthy flow of property leads coming in at all times. His goal is to find motivated sellers that Kubo Homes can help and assist those sellers in finding a solution to their current problem, whether that be a quick cash sale, short-term financing, long-term financing, credit repair, or any number of other possible solutions.

In his free time, Zak enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, playing guitar, and attending sporting events. He is an active participant in the revival of the Motor City and is excited for his family's future in a new and improved Detroit.
Andrew Ehrman
Andrew comes from an Engineering and number-driven background, which compliments his role within Kubo Homes. Being in charge of the financial, accounting, and analytical aspects of the company, he ensures that every real estate deal that Kubo Homes enters into will result in a winning scenario for all parties involved.

Andrew focuses on providing the best opportunity for sellers to move on to the next stage of life, for buyers to enjoy a high-quality finished product in great neighborhoods, for renters to afford a suitable home to raise their families, and for lenders to recognize incredible returns. His opportunity-based mindset helps stimulate the local economy, provide individuals with a way to grow their assets, and ultimately improve fellow Metro Detroiters lives.

Andrew was born in Detroit, grew up in the Metro area, went to school in the city, and is currently raising a 6-year-old son in Metro Detroit. Andrew’s strong ties to Detroit are the driving force behind his burning desire to revitalize the city. He contributes to a clean, safe environment in Metro Detroit so that his son and all Detroiters will enjoy the comeback of the Motor City!
Derek O'Connor
A passion for economics and understanding human interaction led Derek to develop an interest in real estate after 11 years of working in sales and management, which aligns well within his role at Kubo Homes. His experience with sales and management have allowed Derek to display a commitment to implementation, organization, and goal-setting in the day-to-day operations of Kubo Homes.

As the acquisitions manager for Kubo Homes, Derek is responsible for acquiring real property and assets, analyzing transactions, and building financial models to present to potential clients or investors. Additionally, he identifies assets that may be valuable to Kubo’s investment criteria and sets up in-person meetings with prospective sellers, in order to present beneficial options. Derek believes that a strong set of systems within the company are the ultimate driving force of building automation within a successful transactions.

When he’s not occupied with real estate, Derek enjoys spending time with his 15 nieces and nephews.
I thought that I should let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you on the selling of my mother's home. Without Andrew's assistance I would not have been able to clear up some of the major problems that were on title. This transaction was emotionally draining on me for the obvious reasons, such as my mom having to vacate the home and move into a nursing home. I would like to thank you for making this transaction go as smoothly as possible.
Karen Fabian – Home Seller
I would like to thank Kubo Homes for their professionalism in the purchase of our moms home. They even found a place to donate the contents that was left behind. I found Derek very easy to work with.
Shelly Jarema – Home Seller
Thank you for everything! Derek was very nice and made sure everything went smoothly. He closed fast, which was a great way help to me.
Tom Brenneman – Home Seller
It was great working with you, and appreciated your professional approach and clear communication!
Kathleen Krentz – Realtor
Kubo homes and I have worked together on several successful real estate deals. Kubo Homes is a very professional company and follow a proven system for their projects and have invested their time and money in this education and system. I highly recommend Kubo Homes and the integrity they bring to their business.
Ray Thietten – Realtor/Investor
I just wanted to give Zak DeHondt a shout out. I am always impressed with not only his professionalism, but he is also very well prepared and organized. I have visited some of the homes he has wholesaled. He prepares an impressive package to potential buyers, including comps, scope of work, etc.
Andy Hubbs – Investor
I just wanted to thank Kubo Homes for a great whole sale experience. I found Kubo Homes to be extremely professional, helpful, diligent and expedient during my recent purchase of a Redford rental property from them. I look forward to working on many more deals with Kubo Homes in the future!
Jeff Helm – Investor
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